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Strand's Core Principles

Our principles define us. They shape our ethos, underpin our purpose and drive our aspirations.

This is what we stand for at Strand Juniors.

Learning has the power to inspire and to change lives. Our aim is to build scholarly habits across the breadth of subjects so knowledge multiplies, skills advance and deeper thinking flourishes. For us, great teaching and a well-designed curriculum go hand-in-hand to create the rich educational experience that is the hallmark of Strand.


We have high expectations of every child to be the very best that they can be. By creating opportunity, we expand horizons; by offering challenge, we raise the bar. Sometimes there are barriers, but we work to overcome them. The  supportive culture at the heart of Strand ensures that we do our utmost to offer a helping hand.

Warm and welcoming, we are an inclusive school that embraces diversity.

Our children and families, from all walks of life, come together to create the community spirit that unites us, with mutual respect front and centre. We must all play our part in ensuring there’s no place like Strand.

Strand learners each have something unique to offer which gives Strand its spirited feel. We never lose sight of each child as an individual: nurturing strengths, enthusiasms and talents; building the confidence to speak out, step up and the resilience to bounce back; finding a space for each child to succeed, make mistakes, try the unknown, feel pride and thrive.

The Strand values are the bedrock of conduct and character. They permeate all aspects of school life, cultivating attitudes of respect, messages of responsibility and capacities to think beyond oneself.

Just as our values instil the pride of belonging, so they set Strand children on the path of local and global citizenship.

Keeping children at the heart of what we do demands a motivated staff who are determined to go the extra mile.


By engaging with the best ideas in education and sharing our successes, we ensure that every child benefits from an expert team behind them.