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Strand on the Green Junior School

Strandites Shine In SOGA Competitions

Strandites Shine In SOGA Competitions

What a wonderful surprise we had on Tuesday when Ann Collins of the Strand-on-the-Green Association came by with a bag of certificates and prizes. You will remember the competitions we entered before half term which were part of the Strand community Jubilee celebrations. How exciting that so many Strandites were successful with their coat of arms. We also had winners in the other categories. Congratulations to all those mentioned below and our thanks to SoGA for being so thoughtful and generous in their commendations and prizes. We hear that the Jubilee Street Party was fabulous with the winners were announced on the day by Dame Eileen Atkins. The winners of each competition are also up on the SoGA website on Chiswick Calendar. A big well done to everybody who took part.

Coat of Arms - Highly commended

Sofia, Hazel, Holly, Charlotte, Fatima, Ariane, Sakura, Oliver, Livia and Vega, Maraam, Andres, Joshua D-L, Betsy, Frida, Asia, Masoomeh, Sia, Otto, Nia, Lilia, Khulan, Alma and Duru, Katty, Holly, Selin, Grace ,Theo and Charlie F.

Coat of Arms - Winners

Year 3 Winner Daisy, 2nd place Freddie, 3rd place Maissa

Year 4 Winner David C, 2nd place Noa, 3rd place Susannah

Year 5 Winner Khushi, 2nd place Ameera, 3rd place Seffie

Year 6 Winner Alice, 2nd place Alex, 3rd place Sophie M

Meanwhile the limerick competition was won by Asia, the poetry competition by Lilibet and the photography by Freya! What a talented bunch of Strandites you are!