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Staffing Next Year

Staffing Next Year

While the class lists for next year are still being fine-tuned, and will be with families on the 19th July, the staffing has been finalised. Kay Richards will continue in her role as SENDCo. Gill Coulton and Tara Ristic will be without class responsibility and will be providing additional support throughout the school. Geoff Bonner will continue to teach music and with Gill Coulton cover Gemma Nosworthy's maternity leave in 6N. Remi Murray will put his language talents to good use by teaching French throughout the school, Emily Smith-Stevenson will head up the PE team with a new PE LSA who we are currently recruiting. We have two new recruits to the teaching team: Andy Ingram has successfully completed his training and will join us as an ECT, Natalie Smith Is an experienced teacher joining us from another Hounslow school. Natalie is a language specialist and will bring with her a wealth of skills. The final new recruit is Sally Reid who will be joining Mr Thorne in the office. Sally is currently working in admin for the NHS and her passions are writing children's books and playing cricket - when School Council members met her on her interview day they thought she was 'kind' and 'happy', both essential qualities for a first aider.

Teaching Team Leaning Support Team
Year 3

Sorcha Kennedy Alexander - Year Team Leader

Alice Maynard and Issy Dunlop

Natalie Smith

Jo Whelan

Sally Wilkes

Debbie Branch

Year 4

Zoe Turrell - Year Team Leader

Remi Murray and Tara Ristic

Jess Marron

Dexter Bentley

Jacqui Weir

Maria Wade

Year 5

May Slingsby - Year Team Leader

Ellie Heale

Andy Ingram

Lucy Mackowska

Denise Hewell

Year 6

Geoff Bonner and Gill Coulton

Megan Hill

Catherine Rigby and Rachel Habershon

Clare Day

Helen Jones

Neil Vandenbegin

Fiona Heath

River Jennie Crone

Laura Grimond

Bonita Garlick

Seniet Tesfay

Otter Katy Lambert

Ianta Archibald

Delia Salgado Calvo

Bonita Garlick

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