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Strand on the Green Junior School

Red Nose Day Returns

Red Nose Day Returns!

It has been just lovely to see everyone dressed in red today, celebrating Red Nose Day - it's a highlight in the Strand calendar so it has been great to be able to celebrate together. We have raised a huge amount of money with £1,145 being donated so far! Thank you to everyone who has donated - the Comic Relief tab on Parent Pay is still open.

Strand's Got Talent

This week has seen a plethora of talent on show as each class held their own talent show for Red Nose Day - It was lovely to see such #spirited Strandites keen to take part with a baffling array of acts ranging from holding your breath for over a minute to playing God Save the Queen! The winning acts for each class performed at the whole school show this afternoon via Google Meet, stunning the school with their skills. The winning performers, who got to share their talent with the whole school, were...

3A - Sofia - Classical Guitar 3M - Tilly and Imani - Joke telling 3K - Saira - Singing
4B - Annis, Amy, Freya - Poetry Reading 4M - Viraat - Singing 4T - Sakura - Guitar
5B - Ryan and Felix - Card Tricks 5B - Ryan and Felix - Card Tricks 5RM - Oscar and Corentin - Card Tricks
6N - Finn - Piano 6S - Mohamed, Freddie - Magic and Comedy 6H - Rania - Magic Act
Otter - Delbert, Robin, Zaid, Usman, Oskar, Louie, Abbas - Dance River - Nihal, Omran, Zetwal, George, Freddie - Dance

Gunk a Teacher

The voting has been furious this week with over £300 being raised by votes alone! There were 28 teachers in the draw and, while Mrs Ristic was out in the lead for the majority of the week, the excitement mounted throughout the day with a last-minute surge in votes for Mr Murray. However, the early lead established by Mrs Ristic was unassailable and she took her gunking with good grace. The second teacher to be gunked was a real nail biter as anyone in the vote could have been drawn out to be covered in cold baked beans and custard. Amid much excitement Mr Murray's name was pulled out to great applause. The gunking was carried out by #scholarly Strandites nominated by staff. A huge thank you to all the staff who agreed to take part.