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Strand on the Green Junior School

Comic Relief

Comic Relief

Talent Show

Strand has been celebrating Red Nose Day with a vast array of activities this week. The school was ringing with laughter earlier in the week as the year group heats took place to see which acts had the honour of representing their year in the final of this morning’s show. Our version of Strand’s Got Talent was just fabulous! We watched the finalists take to the 'stage' in the playground and share their amazing talents. It was just brilliant to see such an array of talent on show - from Messi's massive knowledge of capitals to Alica's composed clarinet solo the audience were stunned. Well done to all who took part.

Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

Tyler - Guitar

Amelia & Hannah - Gymnastics

Felix - Trombone

Alica - Clarinet

Lazar, Perez, James and Eric - The Pebbles

George, Marni and Daniel - Joke telling

Robin - Break dancing

Leah - Irish Dancing

Zac - Magic Act

Sophie M - Violin

Lara - Singing

Messi - Capital cities

Teacher Assault Course - Who got Gunked?

Mr Thorne has been busy selling tickets all week and staff have been getting more worried by the moment – it has been rumoured that some heavy ‘counter buying’ took place with some teachers buying themselves out of trouble at the last moment! It’s been a neck and neck race but the ultimate winners (?) were Mr Bentley and Ms Woods. The assault course is taking place this afternoon with the loser getting gunked in a delicious concoction of baked beans and cold custard. The Ringsfield Hall team didn’t want to miss out on the assault course so set one up of their own - making the most of the mud that Ringsfield is famous for. Click here to see the evidence of how Miss Slingsby won. They obviously needed some serious cleaning up afterwards -how better than with a bucket of cold water! As ever the Strand team go the extra mile for a worthy cause.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our Red Nose Day celebrations, your efforts helped us to raise money for a great cause. The tab is still open on Parent Pay If you would like to donate.