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Strand on the Green Junior School

Classes for Next Year


Classes for Next Year

While the class lists for next year are still being fine tuned and will be with families next week the staffing has been finalised. Geoff Bonner will step down from his role as acting SENDCo and Kay Richards will take over the permanent position from September. This will release Geoff to focus on music and assume the role of additional teacher in Year 5. Gill Coulton, Geoff Bonner, Kay Richards and Steve Allkins will be without class responsibility and will be providing additional support throughout the school, as will Tara Ristic who is in class two days a week. Steve Allkins will continue to lead PE, helped by Kay and Jabeda Begum. Wendy and Geoff Bonner and Bea Jennings will be working four days a week, while Andy Naslund will be reducing his days to three. In Wendy and Bea’s absence their classes will be taught by Rachel Habershon and Steve Allkins respectively. Gemma Kitson and Gemma Nosworthy will be without class responsibility in September until they embark upon their maternity leave early next year. We have two new recruits: Jessie Neil, an experienced teacher and Charlotte Hiett who joins us as a NQT, after her hugely successful year as a Strand School Direct trainee in Year 6. Ciara Backshall and Lucy Harris join us as new SD trainees. Sheila Wigley, Robbie Ash, Pauline Russell, Denise Hewell, Kathy Dent and Fiona Heath will continue to provide individual support across the school.

Teaching Team Learning Support Team
Year 3

Emma Hayward

Sorcha Kennedy Alexander and Lucy Harris

Remi Murray

Debbie Branch

Jabeda Begum

Sally Wilkes

Year 4

Charlotte Hiett

Jennie Crone

Andy Naslund

Tara Ristic

Jo Whelan

Jacqui Weir

Year 5

Wendy Bonner

Jessie Neil

Laura Percival and Ciara Backshall

Geoff Bonner

Maria Wade

Lucy Mackowska

Pauline Russell

Year 6

Bea Jennings

Steve Allkins

Catherine Rigby

May Slingsby

Gill Coulton

Clare Day

Neil Vandenbegin

Helen Jones