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PWP Maths Competition

The maths challenge last week was a hard fought affair with the three rounds challenging a different area of mathematical skills. The competing schools quickly got down to work solving the problems while the adults had the unenviable task of observing without offering any help – an almost impossible task for a room of teachers! Observing the children at work was uplifting – the teamwork and collaboration on show was inspiring. It was great to see children recognising strengths in their teammates, dividing the workload and valuing each others contribution. The result was very close – Grove Park won with Strand in second place, just pipping Belmont who took a very creditable third place slot. Interestingly, all had different winners with each school demonstrating their particular skill in one area: Grove Park excelled in tangrams, Belmont in logic and Strand at mixed maths. A huge well done to all involved – Belmont have already volunteered to host next years event so it is looking to become a permanent fixture in the PWP calendar.