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Meet the Editor!

Last week, surrounded by the multitude of books in our new library, Miss Coulton’s English group met with Alex’s mum, Cally Poplak, to discover exactly what goes into getting an author’s story into print. As the editor of a favourite Y6 novel, ‘The Wind Singer’, Cally was kind enough to share her expertise and insight into this great story as well as divulging a number of interesting secrets from the fascinating world of publishing. Imagine the reaction of our budding Year 6 writers when they learnt that authors often have to write eight drafts before the final version of their story is published. When it comes to checking spelling and grammar, Cally’s expert advice was to read the work upside down! To finish, there was a special question and answer session – William Nicholson, author of The Wind Singer, had written detailed replies to the children’s perceptive questions about the book. Our thanks go to Cally and William Nicholson for making the visit such a thought provoking treat